Seaview Isle of Wight

Seaview is the Isle of Wight's most desirable and upmarket coastal holiday destination. The little town has two main beaches either side of the centre and these stretches of sand (with patches of shingle at some times of the year) attract a dedicated group of Seaview devotees.

The town itself offers some of the best restaurants on the Isle of Wight and visitors can enjoy gastro tourism if they don't feel like a swim at the beach.

The coastal path north and south of Seaview allow you to explore the beautiful Isle of Wight coastline.

  • Seaview Beaches

    Seaview Beach Isle of Wight

    The famous quality beach resort on the East of the Isle of Wight.

    Seaview has two main beaches. One to the South and one to the North. Both beaches are long, sandy and clean so ideal for a day out with the family or to relax and read a book. Neither are extremely busy and there is so much beach to share around you should be able to find a quiet spot.

    The South beach is slightly smaller and marginally more sheltered. The sand is scattered with patches of shingle but is largely sandy and soft. Behind the beach there is a small cafe and shop for light refreshment and a short walk back into town will give you a choice of lunch time options.

  • Seaview Hotel Restaurant

    Seaview, Isle of Wight

    Fine dining in the seaside town of Seaview.

    The Seaview Hotel is well known for its food and high level of service. Under the guidance of head chef Graham Walker the restaurant has returned to earn that reputation after a spell in the doldrums.

    I found the food to be playful and interesting to look at with plenty of wow factor. The taste didn't disappoint either and even the humble parsnip was conjured into a treat with rich and varied flavours. You can imagine the menu planning sessions in this restaurant being an impassioned affair as they dream up new ways to wow the diners.

  • Seaview Wildlife Encounter

    A wonderful animal park with a chance for real interaction with the animals

    The Seaview Wildlife Encounter is a family friendly day out and a chance to stroke and feed a range of fluffy and feathery animals. The park offers unique opportunities for animal encounters including opportunities to meet the Meerkats and Penguins. 

    For photos of some of the characterful animals and more information visit their website.

  • St Helens Beach

    St Helens Beach Isle of Wight

    St Helens has a sandy beach with occasional patches of shingle on the East coast of the Isle of Wight between Bembridge and Seaview. This fantastic beach is a wonderful escape from more popular beaches and can be reached easily by car or on foot via the coastal path.


    St Helens Beach is tucked away so here is how to find it: Go to the North end of St Helens Village towards Seaview till you get to a sharp left hand bend with a road turning off to the right. Follow this right hand road to the beach.